Do you want to test a digital IP management system?

You are invited to test a new digital system to manage your IP!


Norway Health Tech is applying for Siva support to realise the Digital Health Catapult Centre


An MOU was concluded between Norway Health Tech and EXCITE International

This partnership will provide increasing opportunities for Norway to influence the ongoing development of EXCITE International, while expanding global reach for Norwegian health technologies and access to Nordic markets for other EXCITE International member countries.


If we are to revolutionize heart surgery, we have to do it right!

This was the motivation to initiate the survey Cardiaccs did with Cetas Healthcare and Shane West of Skuld Insight. The product has clear advantages, but are they the attributes sought for by the cardiac surgeons?


FDA moves to encourage A.I. in medicine, drug development

The Food and Drug Administration is making moves to encourage the use of artificial intelligence and other digital tools in medicine and drug development, expanding a program it announced last year around digital health and establishing a new incubator focused on health technology.


Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on new efforts to enhance and modernize the FDA’s approach to medical device safety and innovation

Advances in material science, digital technology and advanced manufacturing are contributing to an unparalleled period of invention in medical devices. New devices offer more opportunities to improve health than at any time. Last year, the FDA approved a record number of novel devices. This reflects an advancing pace of innovation that’s resulting in many more potentially lifesaving new medical products. This includes the first artificial pancreas and the first blood test to evaluate traumatic brain injury.


Sonitor with ground breaking technology launch

RTLS Innovator Sonitor Announces Forkbeard, the Industry’s First Ultrasound-Based Indoor Positioning Platform for Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices

ForkbeardTM delivers near 100 times the location accuracy of BLE and transforms billions of smart devices into precise indoor navigation tools Stamford, CT (March 5, 2018) – Sonitor, the global leader in ultrasound-based indoor positioning technology, announced today the introduction of its groundbreaking ultrasound-based technology positioning platform named Forkbeard™.

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