Competence Broker

Need guidance and support? We help you find and apply for public funding schemes.

All great companies can benefit from a collaboration with the right research environment. And for most companies that want to embark on research-driven innovation, there is a public support scheme that can be applied for.

Competence brokering can help companies in health and life sciences take advantage of these public support schemes. Oslo Municipality has five competence brokers all together, delivering help and advice to small and medium-sized companies in the capital.

Norway Health Tech’s competence broker, Trine Radmann, can help you:

  • Funding opportunities
  • Guidance on which public support schemes to apply for
  • Tips and advice on how to write a good application
  • Identify challenges and opportunities in your company that can provide a basis for a research project
  • Establish contact with relevant research environments and other innovation partners

More on competence brokering services (på norsk).

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