Main Markets in 2020 - 2021

London and Manchester

United Kingdom

UK is one of the most interesting markets in Europe today, with a long and outstanding collaboration and relation with Norway. The advantages of geographical proximity, English language and cultural similarity reduce barriers for market entry significantly.

The market for medical technologies has similar growth as we see in Norway and is the third largest medical device market in Europe. UK also import more medical device products than they export1) making it very receptive to new and innovative international technology.

A highly sophisticated med-tech market


The Japanese healthcare system is one of the finest and one of the most interesting health markets in the world, due to the substantial health tasks they face. Hyper-aging has confronted Japanese society with a plethora of challenges and the emphasize is on preventive care. They are moving towards a more community-based integrated care system.

They have multiple changes going on. Norway Health Tech has started on an acceleration program to Japan in 2020 and is conducting different activities about Japan and health challenges and possibilities in Japan.



Shanghai is China’s largest city with over 24 million residents. The Shanghai Stock Exchange was the world’s fourth largest stock market in terms of total market capitalization as of November 2018.

Shanghai has health challenges associated with the aging population. The authorities are working on the implementation of the Healthy China Strategy and Healthy China Initiative. The goal is to have China’s foremost city health statistics by 2030. The development of health industrial parks in Pudong is in focus and Shanghai has a number of initiatives that make it interesting to provide services to the aging population of Shanghai.

Close to home


There is a unique collaboration and cultural bonds between the five Nordic countries Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. Norway Health Tech share the mission of building a bridge between the Nordics and health markets outside of the Nordics, but also build stronger ties between the Nordic countries when it comes to the Nordic health tech market.

This year we will focus on the Swedish market and work closely with clusters and networks in the different Swedish regions.

Hannover and Hamburg


Germany created the first social insurance fund for medical care in the world. Chancellor Bismarck created a “sickness fund” back in 1883 which were expanded to a universal healthcare system, over time. Solidarity, subsidiarity, and corporatism were the funding principles then, and are still the main principles today.

Germany has long had the most consumer-oriented healthcare system in Europe. Patients can seek almost any type of care they wish whenever they want it.

Norway Health Tech

Going to international markets

1 of 3 health startups is born global. This means that you think at the global potential of your idea, solution or product from day one. Knowing where to go with your product/solution is not easy – there are so many factors to consider. In Norway Health Tech we work on taking down the risk for you by helping you choose the market most fit for your company, connect you to the relevant stakeholders whether they are regulatory, testing facility, support or first customer and include you in projects and networks working towards penetrating the market in question.

Take a look at this overview and see what the opportunities are and what we can help you with. Feel free to contact our Head of International affairs:

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