Private Capital

A good fit in partnerships is what leads to the successful creation of value. Be seen by a fitting investor through the investor network.

Through Crowdworks.it we host our own interactive hub where you can manage your company’s profile for show and review to stakeholders. Most important, it is a place to connect and recruit investors. Through the platform we get the full view of your company and are able to connect your company to investors that are the right fit for your growth strategy.

One of the pillars of Norway Health Tech is helping our members access private capital. As such, several activities have been initiated to assist our members with this challenging aspect of starting and scaling a business, particularly within the health sector. These activities center around educating the investment ecosystem on the risks, rewards, and opportunities of investing in health, and companies on how to prepare for investor interactions.

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In these business-as-unusual-times, the health industry is experiencing a moment of extreme relevance as global leaders call for health technology to battle the pandemic and reduce pressure on the frontlines.

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Investor Network

We aim to facilitate and stimulate investments within the health sector in Norway

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All relevant stakeholders in healthcare can become a part of Norway Health Tech’s growing community. The cluster has a need-driven approach to our collaboration and innovation initiatives, and cater to both the public and the private sectors to solve healthcare needs. By becoming a member, you can tap into a wealth of information, funding opportunities, a national and international network of experts and resources as well as a number of relevant events and programs.

Follow the link below to apply for membership. Fill in your profile carefully, this information will be sent to the board of Norway Health Tech to be used in the formal admissions process as well as be published on our website upon admission.