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DMEA, Medica, ReWired and Vitalis are some of the events we are planning for the coming year. Read on and learn more about how your company can participate in these events in 2024.

The funding mechanism from Innovation Norway’ side to the companies participating at exhibitions/trade fairs organized by NHT and NSCC is tricky, because YOU – as a company – need to apply before you know the total cost of taking part. Innovation Norway has one batch with trade fair funding for 2024, and they will probably run out of money long before June 2024. That, and because the two clusters will need to have at least 6 companies to plan for and organize a stand/pavilion at each of the interesting trade fairs in 2024, makes it a plan-ahead process – starting now for 2024.

We do not have a total control over the total costs, but we have made a rough sketch of the costs for each of the company participating in one Norwegian stand or pavilion at each of trade fairs mentioned below.


The process will look something like this: (example for DMEA trade show in Berlin)

NOK 100,000 – total costs per company; whereof 50% can be covered by Innovation Norway.

To get 50% of the costs reimbursed by Innovation Norway, you need you to do the following:

– Each company has to send its individual application to Innovation Norway, stating that you want to participate in the Norwegian Pavilion at DMEA: Eksportfremstøt – tilskudd til å delta på messer (innovasjonnorge.no)

– Send your application with NOK 100,000 as total price.

– Innovation Norway will get back to you within 2-3 days to confirm if YES or NO your project is approved.

– Each company that has gotten the green light from Innovation Norway signs an agreement with NHT/NSCC to take part in the NO stand/pavilion at DMEA at max NOK 100,000 total costs.

– The clusters (NHT/NSCC) plan and organize your DMEA participation including stand design and construction.

– NHT/NSCC will share an invoice with the total cost of NOK 100,000 to each company.

– Each company receives the final bill/exact amount with receipts after DMEA and sends it to IN and get the fee subsidized with max 50%.


2024 – the trade fairs with a pavilion/stand organized by NHT and NSCC, and maybe together with an additional partner could be:


ReWired – March 12th-13th, Birmingham (Digital Health) (Total cost max NOK 70,000).

Exhibit on Norwegian Pavilion at Rewired 2024 in Birmingham – Norway Health Tech

HETT – September 24th – 25th, London (Total cost max NOK 100,000).



Vitalis – May 13th – 16th, Gøteborg (E-health) (Total cost max NOK 40,000).

Join us at Vitalis – the largest e-health event in Scandinavia – Norway Health Tech



DMEA – April 9th – 11th, Berlin (Digital medical) (Total cost max NOK 100,000).

Norwegian Pavilion at DMEA 2024 – Europe’s leading event for digital health – Norway Health Tech

Medica 2024 – November, Düsseldorf (medtech and devices, digital health, diagnostics, physio tech, disposables and consumables). (Total cost max NOK 90,000).


HLTH Messer

Amsterdam – June 17th – 20th 2024 (Total cost max  NOK 70,000).

Las Vegas – October 20th – 23rd 2024 (Total cost max NOK 70,000-80,000).


The fee includes a part of a Norwegian stand or pavilion, minimum 1 entrance ticket to the fair, pitch possibilities at the Norwegian stand/pavilion, the company’s logo and Norwegian signs/market materials at the stand/pavilion.


Eksportfremstøt – tilskudd til å delta på messer (innovasjonnorge.no)?


We need you to apply asap and tell us if you get it granted and would like to take part in any of the trade fairs mentioned here. We need a minimum of 6 companies at every trade fair to be able to plan and organize a Norwegian physical stand or pavilion.



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