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Investor Seminar One - Angel Challenge Health

24 August

Investor Hour- learn all you need to know about the program Angel Challenge Health!

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Norway Health Tech Members: More Clinical Testing Now!

There is a real opportunity to offer the latest treatment methods at Norwegian hospitals without burdening public budgets, says Norway Health Tech.

22 August
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A Swedish Cancer “Atlas” Finds Links Between Genes And Patient Survival

A new Swedish cancer ‘atlas’ could glean information, like markers of disease, that can be used to develop cancer drugs and diagnostics.

22 August
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These Genes Are Essential For Immunotherapy To Work

In a cancer research break-through, scientists have found 100 genes in cancer cells that are required in order for cancer immunotherapies to work.

15 August
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Breakthrough Device Heals Organs With A Single Touch

In a breakthrough for regenerative medicine, a tiny device that sits on the skin and uses an electric field to reprogram cells can treat injured or ageing tissue, including in our brains.

11 August
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The Elusive Hunt For The Male Pill

Why has a contraceptive pill for men “been 5 years away for 40 years”? These great articles trace the hunt for The Male Pill.

11 August
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Oslo Medtech becomes Norway Health Tech

Norway’s largest health cluster is rebranding. “We have passed 200 members and are now taking a national position to lift the Norwegian health industry internationally,” says Kathrine Myhre, CEO of Norway Health Tech.

08 August
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C3 - Centre for Connected Care

The Centre for Connected Care (C3) aims to succeed in accelerating adoption and diffusion of patient-centric innovations, i.e. innovations that change patient pathways and delivery systems and increases growth in the healthcare industry. The themes are patient-centric healthcare delivery, innovative infrastructure and interoperability and commercialization, diffusion and adoption

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Angel Challenge Health


Angel Challenge Health is a workshop based program for Startup Investors and Health Startups. During 8 evening sessions, 20 angel investors work closely together analyzing 20 investor-ready startups that are competing for an investment of 1 million NOK, whilst learning the mechanics and possibilities of investing in the health sector.

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INNOLABS aims at fostering collaboration, transfer of knowledge and opportunities among SMEs from different countries and sectors to develop, improve and deliver disruptive technologies on mHealth, personalized healthcare and ageing populations.

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