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Procurement Forum: Project collaboration and joint offers - what are the legal limitations and opportunities?

30 November

Please join us for the second workshop in the Procurement Forum where the theme this time is project collaboration and joint offer. With project collaboration we mean all kinds for of collaboration between companies; partnering, consortium, main vs sub-supplier and so on.

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Biotech —

Speeding Up Drug Discovery With DNA Data

Huge genetic databases are changing how scientists study disease. Meet Verge Genomics, which uses genomic data and artificial intelligence to transform neurodegenerative drug discovery. And read what happened when one biobank put 500,000 people’s DNA online.

20 November
R&D/Educational facility —

An important launch of Nordic test cooperations

The Minister of Health and Care Services, Bent Høie, held an inspiring opening speech at the launch of Nordic Proof last week. Managing Director of Nordic Innovation, Svein Berg, says the emphasis and importance of Nordic cooperation to solve future challenges was put forward very clearly by the minister.

16 November
Health Brief
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This Week’s 10 Must-Reads On Health & Innovation

What happens when absolutely anyone can edit DNA? Can a new generation of brain scanners optimize our brain? Could an examination of Chopin’s (above) pickled heart solve the mystery of his early detah?  This and much more in the week’s top reads from the frontier of health journalism, handpicked by the editors of The Health Brief.

16 November
Health Brief
Biotech —

First Pill That Can Alert Your Doctor When You (Don’t) Swallow It

The FDA has approved the first digital pill that can tell doctors when – and if – patients take their medicine, provoking praise as well as some dire “Big Brother” predictions.

15 November
Health Brief
Human Life Sciences —

The Gut Answer To Why Some Cancer Therapies Work (And Others Don’t)

Why does cancer immunotherapy work for some patients, but not others? The answer may lie in your gut.

10 November
Medical device —

More Human Technology: The Best Design Puts the End User at the Center

Ably Medical recently had a visit from Tordis Abrahamsen (90) to hear about her ideas for of the Ably bed design.

10 November
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Highlighted projects —

C3 - Centre for Connected Care

The Centre for Connected Care (C3) aims to succeed in accelerating adoption and diffusion of patient-centric innovations, i.e. innovations that change patient pathways and delivery systems and increases growth in the healthcare industry. The themes are patient-centric healthcare delivery, innovative infrastructure and interoperability and commercialization, diffusion and adoption

Highlighted projects —

Angel Challenge Health


Angel Challenge Health is a workshop based program for Startup Investors and Health Startups. During 8 evening sessions, 20 angel investors work closely together analyzing 20 investor-ready startups that are competing for an investment of 1 million NOK, whilst learning the mechanics and possibilities of investing in the health sector.

Highlighted projects —


INNOLABS aims at fostering collaboration, transfer of knowledge and opportunities among SMEs from different countries and sectors to develop, improve and deliver disruptive technologies on mHealth, personalized healthcare and ageing populations.

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