Post-Covid19: Long-term effects of an ongoing pandemic

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More than a year after the onset of the COVID19 pandemic we have begun to look forward into a new future. Norway Health Tech is on the forefront of identifying the newly arisen needs in the aftermath of the pandemic. We have therefore asked experts from around the globe to share their experience and knowledge with us when it comes to the long-term challenges of the pandemic.

Covid19 has not been defeated yet. Sustainable solutions and a heightened level of preparedness are now more important than ever.

Text: Gry Helene Stavseng – Advisor Innovation Projects and Project Manager Post-Covid19  and Irene Chelliah – Medical Advisor and Event Coordination Post-Covid19

The Covid19 pandemic has had, no doubt, a tremendous effect on all our lives in the recent years. Its immediacy, its impact on resources, its care interruptions, and the personal trauma it has been causing – all these aspects are seen in varying degrees of severity around the world. This requires ongoing alleviation, now and in the future.

The operational team behind the project during production of one of the webinars, from left: Gry H. Stavseng, Kari Anne Dehli (in the back) and Irene Chelliah

Norway Health Tech therefore asked experts from around the globe to share their experience and knowledge with us when it comes to the long-term challenges of the pandemic. Centered around four main topics, we have had high-level discussions with them and gained a lot of insight on how Covid19 is affecting different areas of the world.  It was an honor to have had this opportunity to bring together such excellent international expert panels.

A central part of this project is to find matching solutions for the challenges which have newly arisen in a healthcare world dominated by Covid19. We are proud to say that Norway, as well as other countries, is bringing forth excellent companies within health tech. They are meeting these challenges with their innovation, creativity, and drive to make an impact for the better.

Here are some of the highlights from the project thus far:

International Participation: Companies and experts from 10 different countries have played an active part in the event series. Together with the audience, we are counting 15 countries.

Further dialogue between companies and experts: As a direct result of the events, experts and exhibiting companies have been put in contact with each other upon request. We see big potential for cross-border collaboration and innovation.

Synergies between the experts: Throughout the events we witnessed dynamic discussions between experts from different countries. Multiple experts were put in contact with each other also after the events.

Reality is, unfortunately, showing us that this project might have been better named without the “post” prefix.

This is part of why we think that all the topics discussed will continue to be relevant for some time longer. Therefore, it’s important to spread the word and share the good work done.

Kari Anne Dehli ready to moderate one of the webinars

Here is an overview over the four events. Please share this with your network:

Preparedness for future pandemics

Date: 24th of November, 2021

Eventpage with further details: https://www.norwayhealthtech.com/event/experts-on-covid-19-preparedness-for-future-pandemics/

Recording of the event: https://secure.quickchannel.com/qc/?play=123925

Expert panel discussion:

  • Ulrik Hoksnes Karlsen – Norient, China
  • Chunhui Li and Yan Huang – Ziangya Hospital, China
  • Jörg Timm -University Hospital Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Ørjan Olsvik – University of Tromsø, Norway

Product demonstrations from

  • Bjørn Platou – Decon-X International AS
  • June Huseby Sorknes og Sofia Dall-Osto, EpiGuard
  • Vidar Arnulf – Omsyn AS
  • Dag R. Abrahamsen – SoftOx Solutions AS
  • Ivo Olstron – Zebra Technologies
  • Dmytro Vakulenko – Oranta AO, Ukraine

Long-Covid, demand of new care solutions

Date: 25th of November, 2021

Eventpage with further details: https://www.norwayhealthtech.com/nb/event/experts-on-covid-19-long-covid-demand-of-new-care-solutions/

Recording of the event: https://play.quickchannel.com/play/124099

Expert panel discussion:

  • Björn Jensen – University of Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Joachim Fischer – Mannheim Institute for Public Health, Germany
  • Naveen Bannur – Founder at VRemedi Wellness Pvt. Ltd., India
  • Neil Roberts – SEHTA, UK
  • Paritosh Desai – NHS England & NHS Improvement, UK
  • Andreas Roos – Volvat, Norway

Product demonstrations from

  • Sana Ikram – Helseapps AS
  • Karl Trygve Kalleberg – AgeLabs
  • Vishal Sisodia – Sumondo, Denmark
  • Dmytro Vakulenko – Oranta AO, Ukraine

Elderly care and isolation

Date: 30th of November, 2021

Eventpage with further details: https://www.norwayhealthtech.com/event/experts-on-covid-19-elderly-care-and-isolation/

Recording of the event: https://secure.quickchannel.com/qc/?play=124626

Expert panel discussion:

  • Isobel Frean – Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre, Australia
  • Regina Roller-Wirnsberger – Medical University of Graz, Austria
  • Wolfgang Kratky – Geriatric Health Centres of the City of Graz, Austria
  • Reema Nadig – Kites Senior Care, India
  • Thomas Hansen – Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) and Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
  • Michaela Prochazka – The National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden

Product demonstrations from

  • Daniela Centonze – Tidewave R&D
  • Sana Ikram – Helseapps AS

Mental Health in all age groups

Date: 1st of December, 2021

Eventpage with further details: https://www.norwayhealthtech.com/event/experts-on-covid-19-mental-health/

Recording of the event: https://secure.quickchannel.com/qc/?play=124785

Expert panel discussion:

  • Stefan Harrer – Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre, Australia
  • Lucas Paletta and Silvia Russegger – Joanneum Research digital.Care, Austria
  • Farina Schurzfeld – Selfapy, Germany
  • Morten Ørbæk – Oslo University Hospital, Norway
  • Håkon Skard – The Norwegian Psychological Association, Norway

Product demonstrations from

  • Zara Walsh – Norse Feedback
  • Vishal Sisodia – Sumondo, Denmark
  • Axel Holene – Fourth Wave Therapeutics

Last but not least, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed with their participation: for your support, all the time and effort you have put into working with us on this project, and for your ongoing endeavor to improve health care for everyone.

We will continue this project in 2022, when the pandemic situation allows for a safe and responsible way to meet again physically.

This project is funded by Oslo municipality

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