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DNB Nordic Healthcare Conference & DNB Healthcare Prize 2017

14 desember

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Computational Life Sciences —

U.K. Agrees To Multibillion Life Sciences Sector Deal

The massive and ambitious life science sector deal undertaken by the U.K. could be of interest to any government eager to boost funding for research infrastructure and long-term capital to allow start-ups to scale.



08 desember
Health Brief
What We're Reading —

Weekend Reading List: Ten Great Health Stories That You Probably Missed

The grey zones of treating depression, Hhw robots make radiologists’ jobs easier, and putting some fun in erectile dysfunction. This and more in this week’s  handpicked reading list about health innovation.

01 desember
Health Brief
The Second Opinion —

Stories are better than lectures at teaching us about health

Humans having been using stories or narratives to transmit crucial information for thousands of years. Despite that, Western medicine largely ignores the use of narrative and instead continues to rely on lists of dos and don’t’s, facts and figures to compel behavior change.

01 desember
Digital health — eHealth (ICT) — Medical device —

Proposals from 24 countries in the first Open Call – 50 selected!

30 november

"Oldemora til Tim" - liten film om GPS lokalisering for personer med kognitiv svikt

Oslo kommune har på en fin måte illustrert hvordan de jobber med GPS lokalisering for personer med kognitiv svikt. Møt oldemora til Tim 🙂

29 november
Health Brief
Biotech —

Speeding Up Drug Discovery With DNA Data

Huge genetic databases are changing how scientists study disease. Meet Verge Genomics, which uses genomic data and artificial intelligence to transform neurodegenerative drug discovery. And read what happened when one biobank put 500,000 people’s DNA online.

20 november
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