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What can health brands learn from political campaigns?

26 November

In the last years we’ve seen huge disruptive social and political movements shake our societies to the core. Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and Friday’s for Future have reshaped the values of millions. Social movements have less money than big brands but are great at leveraging a resource often forgotten by our industry: people. So what can we learn?

Announcing: New CEO of Norway Health Tech

Norway Health Tech is very happy to welcome the new CEO, Lena Nymo Helli. With a solid background in healthtech, life science and management, she will further strengthen Norway Health Tech to take on future challenges and opportunities, and continue to build a sustainable and innovative health industry in Norway.

06 November

Protect your trade secrets in health innovation – practical tips for safeguarding your information of commercial value

In the first half of 2021 a change to an existing IP law will be enacted, called the Norwegian Trade Secrets Act. It is essential to be up to date on changes to IP law as this could affect your company’s IP protections regarding commercially valuable and confidential proprietary information (i.e. trade secrets).

02 November

The BigMed Conference 2020: A Very Brief Introduction

01 November
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Scaling to the UK?

The focus for 2020 and the first half of 2021 is the UK market and we invite you to a program that will give you knowledge and introductions to different segments.

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Investor Network

We aim to facilitate and stimulate investments within the health sector in Norway

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Norway Health Tech Academy

The health industry is heavily regulated and keeping on top of things can be hard. Academy provides trainings, meetings, workshops and knowledge exchange that will help you build your competence.

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