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Build your knowledge about Shanghai and China

27 August

There are many interesting things happening in Shanghai, making it a possible gateway into China. Since China is a complex market, we continue the “journey of learning” to prepare for future market entry.

This meeting will give you valuable knowledge to help build your go-to-market strategy, focused on regulatory issues, fact & figures of the Chinese healthcare market and market opportunities.

Regulatory compliance is never easy, but we will help you in the right direction

Compliance with European regulations has become progressively more complex. And to help you understand what your responsibilities and requirements are the Norway Health Tech Academy is offering a breakfast webinars series to review many of these complexities..

03 July
Investor —

A New Hub for Creating Financial Room to Roam in The Health Industry

In these business-as-unusual-times, the health industry is experiencing a moment of extreme relevance as global leaders call for health technology to battle the pandemic and reduce pressure on the frontlines.

26 June

The DNA of a problem solver

To uncover unmet needs and question already established truths. That’s what gives me the most fun, says Carl Christian Gilhuus-Moe. After playing a pivotal role in building up Norway Health Tech as a vital technology cluster for health, Gilhuus-Moe is now stepping down as chairman of the board.

23 June
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