Norway Health Tech has several projects running at all times. The projects have different goals, but one common factor is that they are all there to help the members reach their goals.

Not all projects are presented here, so to get more information on each one – visit the project’s website (if it exists), contact our project responsible or send an e-mail to the communication team.

Scaling to Japan?

Accelerate to Japan? Then join our scaling program to Japan starting early 2020.

Global Growth to Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s most promising markets within healthcare. Does your company have state-of-the-art healthcare solutions and want to explore the market opportunities in Singapore? Submit your interest in the export program and take part in fast track process to verify market opportunities in Singapore.


Cross4Health’s aim is to foster collaboration, transfer of knowledge and aopportunities among European SMEs with a crossover from Aerospace, Energy and Creative Industries to Biotechnology, ICT and Medical Devices.

Scaling to the UK?

Focus for 2020 is the UK market and we invite you to a program that will give you knowledge and introductions to different segments.


2019 was the kick-off year for our focus in Germany, and we continue in 2020. More activities will come and we encourage you to stay tuned!

Connected Care/Digital Health — Digital health — eHealth (ICT) —

HealthTech Nordic – Connecting the dots in HealthTech

HealthTech Nordic accelerates the growth of startups in the field of healthtech and unite healthtech pioneers. We’re here to connect the dots between innovative solutions, health care, and the global market. Together, we advance ideas and unite resources to address worldwide health care needs while we drive regional development and job creation.

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