Norway Health Tech has several projects running at all times. The projects have different goals, but one common factor is that they are all there to help the members reach their goals.

Not all projects are presented here, so to get more information on each one – visit the project’s website (if it exists), contact our project responsible or send an e-mail to the communication team.

USA Next!

The main goal of this project is increased exports and internationalization from Norwegian healthcare companies in the American market, enhanced cooperation with Norwegian companies, organizations (R&D, hospitals) and relevant environments in the USA.

The four leading health clusters in Norway contribute to this project and will develop regional and national cooperation to make a road map for the health industry in Norway and the Nordic countries. A comprehensive joint race towards the USA will hopefully trigger synergy effects so that more companies can succeed in the future.

Felles Kommunal Journal (FKJ)

A joint municipal patient record is one of the measures to realize the goal of one inhabitant – one journal. The goal is that the information the individual health worker needs becomes easily available in the tools they use on a daily basis.

Lillestrøm Helsenettverk

The ambition for the network is to strengthen the Lillestrøm region as an attractive region for research, innovation and business development on new health services and health products. This by bringing the health service, the education and research environments and the health industry together, the project will contribute to the development of new and better solutions that benefit users at the same time as it creates new jobs in the region.

EU Advisor

The EU Adviser project is funded by Innovation Norway with the grand purpose of increasing mobilization, participation and success of the clusters and cluster’ members in applications for EU funding.


HelseHub is a collaborative project between municipalities, universities, counties, health trusts and business associations with the goal of finding common opportunities and challenges related to health services.

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