During development, you might need testing of certain parameters to verify functional performance as stated in your design goals or you might need stress testing, shelf life testing biocompatibility testing.

Competence brokers

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Norway Health Tech Academy provides training in regulatory compliance.

Value-based health services - resource group

Norway Health Tech has created a resource group for value-based health services (VBH). The group aims to inspire new ways of measuring health benefits, which put the patient at the center. The group works with input from various forums, hearings, and other contexts.

Read more about the Resource Group on the Norwegian page.

Strengthened competence transfer

As much as 80% of value creation within the healthcare industry is located in Oslo and the surrounding area. It is still necessary to work to ensure a better flow of expertise between healthcare companies and academia in Oslo. Strengthened competence transfer will help to secure and strengthen businesses at national and international level.

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