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As much as 80% of value creation within the healthcare industry is located in Oslo and the surrounding area. It is still necessary to work to ensure a better flow of expertise between healthcare companies and academia in Oslo. Strengthened competence transfer will help to secure and strengthen businesses at national and international level.

Health is a knowledge-driven industry and is dependent on up-to-date and relevant knowledge and expertise both in businesses and in academia, in order to ensure its existence, but also to grow in a national and eventually international market.

In a collaboration with OsloMet, the University of Oslo, BI, Høyskolen Kristiania and the Oslo region’s inter-municipal political council as well as businesses in the health industry and competence brokers in Oslo, Norway Health Tech wants to implement several activities.

The main aim is to strengthen the businesses with relevant expertise, while at the same time providing students and researchers with up-to-date information about the healthcare industry and its tasks.

The project that is established will also lead to development in competence transfer to academia and the health industry and more innovation within the network.

This will further contribute to a strengthened position of the healthcare industry in a national and international market. In addition to strengthening mutual competence, a partial goal is to establish arenas for contact, cooperation and new activities. It is also desirable to make arrangements so that measures can be continued and rolled out to a larger geographical area, if this is sustainable and profitable. Cooperation with networks and clusters beyond the own region will then be sought.

This project runs from May 2022 – June 2023.


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