Do you want to test a digital IP management system?

June 4, 2018

You are invited to test a new digital system to manage your IP!

We need two companies to volunteer: Our member House of Knowledge is looking for two companies to test their new development of a digital quality system for IP management. The system is related to best the best practice work in Europe (CEN TS 16555-4 IP-Management) and ongoing work in ISO TC 279 Innovation Management.

It will address how to relate to IP, what you should and could do in different situations, also the unwanted situations.

The system is digital with procedure, routines and policies that shows how you could and should interact and work with IP in:

  • Research, development and innovation processes
  • Administration
  • Sales, procurement, cooperation etc.

The system will in the test work as a digital reference system, but will after the initial test be possible to tailor to the individual companies, and connect with the companies own goals, strategies and other policies.

If you are interested, please contact Magnus Hakvåg (CEO) at House of Knowledge as soon as possible:

mob: (+47) 41 30 66 34

mail:           magnus.hakvag@hoknowledge.com

linkedin:      http://www.linkedin.com/in/magnus-hakvåg-26121b1

web:           www.HoKnowledge.com