Establishing resource group for Sweden exports

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Sweden is one of our most important export markets. Norway Health Tech has just created a resource group to bring together members working towards this market. The leader of the group will be Caroline Kverne from Eys.

Kverne is currently the acting general manager of Eys – which is developing a telemedicine platform for rapid assessment by an ophthalmologist. Today there are long waiting lists at eye specialists. With Eys’ tool, the waiting time for the patient is reduced, and for opticians the tool provides direct access to ophthalmology expertise. Eys today offers a solution with integration with Norsk Helsenett, and today has approximately 40 percent market share in Norway.


Legal change opens up the market

– For us, Sweden is, for various reasons, a particularly interesting export market. Sweden recently got a new optometrist regulation, which places more clinical responsibility on opticians to follow up the patient before they refer further, says Kverne.


This legal change fits well with Eys’ SaaS model, which among other things gives opticians better access to sparring with experts.


Twice the size of Norway

Kverne brings with her a useful background of experience when she now takes on the management of the export group for the Swedish market. She has a background in finance and has previously worked with acquisitions.

– Building networks and contacts is important. Learn from each other about good market-entry strategies, sales and marketing. Discuss experiences in setting up a local team and legal entity. Gaining an in-depth understanding of how the private and public health sector works is important. In addition, it can be useful to review specific compliance and security requirements, as these may differ from country to country. How to go from entry to scale up is also something that can be interesting to exchange experiences about in such a group, says Kverne.

Trine Radmann is internationally responsible at Norway Health Tech. She is looking forward to getting the export group for Sweden up and running.

– Sweden is twice as big a market as Norway. Culturally, we are quite similar, but there are also many differences. Working member-to-member with these issues is very important, as the companies each have a lot of expertise, which is useful to share across the board, says Radmann.

Resource group Sweden has been established by Norway Health Tech in collaboration with the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster. NHT is the lead for the clusters’ international ventures.

Are you interested in joining our resource group for exporting to Sweden? Contact the international manager, Trine Radmann at tr@norwayhealthtech.com

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