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Young and thirsty health and life science businesses in Oslo, looking for financial support and/or innovation and research – we can help!

Brokering funds, talent and knowledge with real effect for health innovation, research, development and financial support

Norway Health Tech is the main helper/contributor for brokering knowledge for tech industries in life sciences and health in the region of Oslo. If you are looking for research and development, innovation, partners, R&D institutions and possibilities, scientist, financial instruments and/or possible financial opportunities to dig further with your idea or innovation, – you are very welcome to get in touch with Norway Health Tech and Trine Radmann.

Through kompetansemegling, Norway Health Tech has boosted regional innovation in a knowledge thirsty health industry for years – simply by connecting people and insights.

How do you inspire innovation in a health sector that moves notoriously slowly, yet attracts plenty of capital and talent?

Well, you connect the dots. You try to set the already existing knowledge in motion – brokering conversations for R&D institutions with the companies and authorities in need of their crucial insights and talent.

That, incidentally, is what kompetansemegling, a regional program for research-driven innovation, does. For the past three years, Norway Health Tech’s knowledge brokers have assisted startups, scaleups and others in the health sector in Oslo, through industry-wide dialogue meetings, research funding, financial possibilities and brokering of talent and knowledge.

Norway Health Tech is collaborating closely with Oslo Cancer Cluster and Digital Norway. Solutions and ideas concerning digitalization and digital transformation, – and the solutions delivering in both diciplines, are also very welcome to get in touch with Eirik Andreassen in Digital Norway, Gupta Udatha in Oslo Cancer Cluster and/or Trine Radmann in Norway Health Tech.  

The effects attributable to this program are massive. In knowledge-intensive industries like health, digitalization and life sciences, it is paramount for companies and health institutions to collaborate with R&D institutions to stay innovative and on top of their field.

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