Nordic Network of Testbeds – now Nordic Proof


Project partners

HUS - Helsinki University Hospital
Innovation Centre Iceland
Intervention Center, Oslo University Hospital
Karolinska University Hospital
Nordic Medtest
SLL Innovation, Danderyd Hospital
Sunnaas Hospital
The Capital Region of Denmark
Norway Health Tech

Funding partners

Nordic Innovation

Contact info

Bent-Håkon Lauritzen

The goal of the project is to establish a network of professional and efficient test beds that can actively contribute to business development in the Nordic healthcare sector, and make this easily accessible for all potential customers.

The network consists of Nordic test facilities that provides services to the customer that needs to test their products.  All of these testbeds provide services today, but it has been difficult to identify who does what and where for the customers. The project aims to make this easier and create a revenue stream for the facilities themselves.

The testbed network is being formalized as an organization and the promises we make are these:

  • We help our members increase their competitiveness, as well as accelerate and scale their business in their targeted markets, through our wide range of global programs and services.
  • We offer an extensive and relevant network of investors, customers and distributors nationally and globally through recognized industry arenas and meeting points.
  • We provide access to the best R,D&I facilities throughout the world, as well as to the leading universities and companies within the global health industry.

The project has now wrapped up and launched the formal version of the network: Nordic Proof. See website for more!