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Omsyn - Norsk Telemedisin AS

Contact person

Vidar Arnulf


+47 928 30 618



Regulatory Status

Pending Status Information

Omsyn provides remote monitoring of patients at home. When patients with complex conditions are treated at home, monitoring must be simple. Omsyn offers this through its modular system of sensors, cameras and use of AI for decision support.

Omsyn use:

  • Ballistocardiographic sensors which are contactless sensors monitoring vital signs
  • Collects data from a wide variety of medical sensors like puls oximeters, thermometers etc
  • Night camera with two way sound
  • Decision Support

Artificial Intelligence detect and predict  alterations in health status and thereby help prevent deterioration of disease

  • Presented on an intuitive UI PC/tablet/smartphone

In Covid-19 Omsyn has proven useful in following patients treated at home. For instance early detection of silent hypoxia.