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OmsynAutoscore, product and service description
– proven to save lives during the COVID19 pandemic

Touchless monitoring
OmsynAutoscore is a system for touchless monitoring of vital signs at points of care – wether that is in a patients home or an institution. The monitoring of vital signs – respiration rate, heart rate, heartrate variability and relative stroke volume – is done by ballistocardiographic sensors attached to the bed frame or a chair turning any chair or bed into a vital sign monitor and automatically connects it to a care provider.

The sensors monitor vital signs every second and send the data in real-time to an intuitive interface either on a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Data is transmitted either through the mobile network or through a broadband connection.

Touchless monitors does not need any cooperation from a patient or a helper. As long as the patient lays in bed or sits in a chair the health care provider will receive real-time information wherever they are. These monitors are ideal in a pandemic situation where patients are isolated, or quarantined at home or in a hotel. The alarms will automatically warn health providers if the vital signs are off preset limits. In medical facilities with high workload due to the pandemic, touchless monitoring of a large number of patients will reduce workload, cognitive stress and secure continuous monitoring of vital signs.

Additional monitors
To the OmsynAutoscore a number of other sensors can be attached such as pulsoximeter, thermometer, blood pressure monitors and others. In addition cameras can be added together with a dedicated closed video consultation system – OmsynBlink. Omsyn provides a modulated hospital@home monitoring system ready to be installed in any home or nursery home. No special installations are needed. OmsynAutoscore is an affordable and adaptable system proven to save lives by early warning of deterioration of patients attended at home during this pandemic.

OmsynAutoscore monitoring service
The healthcare provider “Helsepartner NordNorge” together with Omsyn offers monitoring services for municipalities in Norway. By using the OmsynAutoscore sensors, nurses and doctors from Helsepartner NordNorge offers 24/7 monitoring of patients staying at home. This may relieve municipalities in situations with high numbers of COVID patients. This service can be part of a
preparedness plan for the next COVID19 surge or next epi/pandemic.

OmsynAutoscore – from data to information to action
The large amount of data from the sensors can be used by machine learning features to develop “intelligent” alarms. Notifying healthcare providers of alterations in patient status. Machine learning is a useful tool because it can be used to transform complex data to actionable information for care providers. Omsyn’s sensors has been used in a research project monitoring patients with COVID 19 in their homes. The project was conducted both in Oslo and Lund, Sweden proving the usefulness of contactless sensors in a pandemic.