C3 – Centre for Connected Care



Project partners

OUS - Oslo Universitets Sykehus
Municipality of Oslo
Municipality of Larvik
Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital
Akershus University Hospital
AHO - The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
BI - Norwegian Business School
University of Oslo, Department of Informatics
Accenture AS
Dignio AS
Dynamic Precision
Induct AS
Revmatismesykehuset AS, Lillehammer
Simens AS
Sykehuspartner HF
Norway Health Tech

Funding partners

Norwegian Research Council

Contact info

Anita Moe Larsen

The Centre for Connected Care (C3) aims to succeed in accelerating adoption and diffusion of patient-centric innovations, i.e. innovations that change patient pathways and delivery systems and increases growth in the healthcare industry. The themes are patient-centric healthcare delivery, innovative infrastructure and interoperability and commercialization, diffusion and adoption

C3 is a centre for research-based innovation (SFI) funded by the Norwegian National Research Council. 96 million NOK are allocated to the 5 institutions responsible for the research within C3, financing Researchers, PhDs and Postdoctoral positions.
There are five main research themes:

  1. Innovation processes, development of business models, tools and methods for use in the development of new innovative healthcare
  2. Communication infrastructures and platforms for future health care organization
  3. Innovative procurement processes, implementation, implementation and organization of innovative healthcare
  4. Economic analyzes, both the business and socio-economic level and the development of economic analysis for effective evaluation of innovation and improvement projects
  5. Simulating tool for capacity requirements, logistical challenges, effects and challenges of governance models to coordinate supply and treatment in hospitals, municipal health institutions and in homes

The vision for C3 is to tailor new service models closely around users actively engaged in their own health situation, improve efficiency and quality of care and contribute to economic growth in the health care sector.

The centre will connect academics, clinicians and the life science industry in order to create an innovation and knowledge-sharing platform supporting collaborative, patient-centered and cross-institutional care.