Oslo Innovation Week 2020

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Oslo Innovation Week 2020 provided a unique platform to answer and discuss big questions through global digital collaboration.This year viewers were invited to explore from the comfort of their own homes. Check out some highlights of the event, such as, 100 pitches, going global, and discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic-all within the health track of OIW2020!

Oslo Innovation Week was 21st-25th September 2020

While many tuned into the live stream from Oslo Innovation Week Studios-a gorgeous and creative production brought to you by the City of Oslo and Innovation Norway, project managed by Oslo Business Region, and supported by Osloregionen–The Norway Health Tech team were busy buzzing around on set in addition to your computer screen.

Want to know what happened in case you were silly enough to miss the biggest collaboration platform for building up your company and projects? Well, you will just have to keep reading (or just check out the photos & videos-no judgement here).

As a non-profit health technology cluster, Norway Health Tech often finds itself thinking about the needs of others in today’s health tech landscape. Further, current knowledge dictates that COVID-19 complications be a significant factor in the facilitation of innovative health technology solutions.

On that point, Oslo Innovation Week cast a shining light on this part of an already complicated health terrain with their broadcast of the Health Innovation Track. Featured topics were, COVID-19 the World and Us, The Value of Health Data, Norwegian Health Innovation Going Global.

Check out the speakers and presentations below!


1. COVID-19 the World and Us

Kathrine Myhre, CEO, Norway Health Tech & Anita Moe Larsen Head of Communication, Norway Health Tech discuss current and future challenges of COVID-19 with Daniel Malarek, General Manager, Roche Diagnostics Norway & not-shown Dr. Bente Mikkelsen, Director of the Dept. of NCD, WHO.

2. The Value of Health Data

In an increasingly digital world with massive amounts of data, a question of ethics and ownership arise. Dr. Leonora Onarheim Bergsjø, Norwegian Council for Digital Ethics, Ingrid Stenstadvold Ross & Sigrid Bratlie of the Norwegian Cancer Society, Morten Dalsmo, SINTEF, and, Stein Olav Skrøvseth, Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, tackle this complex challenge.

3. Norwegian Health Innovation Going Global

Answering the question of what the world needs by providing present examples and exploring the opportunities of Norwegian health innovation going global are: Arne Øyen, Sonitor Technologies Group, Kari Krogstad, Medistim, Kathrine Myhre & Trine Radmann, Norway Health Tech, Morten Høglund Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta, and, Lars Dahle, Dignio.

For the more active of the innovationists, many startups participated in the OIW 100 Pitches at DNB NXT. A competition connecting startups working towards the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals with venture capitalist, corporates, and partners. A whopping 329 startups submitted 3-minute video pitches and 100 companies were selected by a jury for the 5 different tracks of OIW: ocean, health, energy, equality, and smart cities. 15 were then chosen for a live dialogue with a jury of wonderful experts.

Interesting fact, one of the jury members was our very own Head of Investor Relations, Jeremy McCrohan. Jeremy runs the Norway Health Tech Investor Network where he and the rest of the Norway Health Tech team are amassing investors that are and will be matched to health-focused companies who are also a part of the platform while also taking on education to make for meaningful matches and partnerships.

The winners for the 5 categories:

Ocean- Matapod by Fredrick Darien- supported by DNB Bergen

Energy –AC Biode by Tadashi Kubo- supported by Techstars Energy

Equality –Citispotter Ltd. By Pallav Sethiya-supported by Plan Norge

Smart Cities –Material Mapper by Ieva Sibilla Strupule- supported by U4SCC

And drumroll, standing or sitting ovation please, for the winner for the Health track: Bulbitech AS by Dennis Hens- supported by Norway Health Tech.


If you aren’t familiar with the good that Bulbitech is doing in health tech, then let us have a quick run-down. BulbiTech’s neuro-ophthalmic eye-tracking device enables diagnoses of multiple ailments, communication through proprietary software, in addition to a clinical workflow that can continue remotely. Read more about Bulbitech here. Click the image to read how Bulbitech is Improving Access to Neuro-Ophthalmology through Eye Tracking Technology.

The winning pitch:

Connecting impactful early stage startups with those that can help incite change in a meaningful way. With Oslo Innovation Week, we know that many were able to connect to what they needed to help create a better world. That said, make sure you tune in next year for another impactful exchange!

P.S. Oslo Innovation Week 2021!




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