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Jeremy McCrohan

Phone: 920 67 388

Head of Investor Relations

We aim to facilitate and stimulate investments within the health sector in Norway

Foundational pillars for achieving this goal:

  1. Educating investors on the;
  • Value proposition
  • Investment methodologies, and
  • Risks of investing in the health sector
  1. Matching investors with relevant, quality opportunities (health-focused companies) within their field of interest
  2. Bringing like-minded investors together to finance investable healthcare opportunities

By stimulating current health-focused investors, attracting new investors to the sector and increasing their understanding and comfort levels we believe we will create a positive cycle of increased investment and quality deals.


1.     By understanding investor needs, mandates & interests and actively matching them with relevant, qualified investment opportunities as well as other investors to explore co-investment and syndication possibilities;

  • We are actively collecting information from all parties via 1-1 interviews, active engagement with our extended network (including our cluster and TTO partners, and conducting surveys

2.     By providing engagement opportunities;

  • Such as networking events, presentation opportunities (ie. Demo Days), strategic introductions to investors with matched interests
  • Organising and/or participating in educational and collaborative events where companies and investors can attend (both virtual and in-person)
  • Engaging with all available investment avenues; eg. VC’s, Angels, Family Offices, Corporate VC’s, Private Investors, Banking products, and other funding networks

Investors interested in joining the network and being matched with relevant opportunities (to consider), we welcome you to fill in this survey

Health-focused companies seeking funding, we welcome you to  fill in this survey



  • Access exciting, innovative and risk-minimised companies relevant to your interests
  • Secure engagement and discussion opportunities with other interested investors
  • Help attract and educate new investors interested in the Health Sector
  • Help create a positive loop of increasing quality & quantity of investors & investable cases within the Norwegian Health Sector and investment community


  • Open the door to reaching a wide range of interested investors
  • Should you proceed through the screening process, you will gain exposure, warm leads and introductions to investors
  • Access engagement and discussion opportunities with other fundraising innovators
  • Stimulate and increase awareness of the industry


We welcome questions and participation from both companies and investors:

In order to make the network a success and create meaningful matches, we require information from interested parties, both investors and companies.

Please fill out the below survey to start the qualification and matching process;

  • Investors Survey can be found HERE
  • Company Fundraising Survey can be found HERE