Nordic Pavilion at DMEA 2024 – Europe’s leading event for digital health

09 - 11 April
08:00 - 18:00

Berlin (Germany)

Norway Health Tech and Norwegian Smart Care Cluster in collaboration with the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, are organising a Nordic Pavilion at DMEA 2024 to promote Nordic digital health innovation.

Visit our stand to discover a wide range of innovative products and solutions to solve the challenges of the healthcare industry.

Location: Hall 5.2 – Stand B-111

Get to know the exhibitors!

  • Official stand opening with Norwegian and Swedish officials, Tuesday, 9 April 2024, at 2pm (TBC).
  • Networking and company pitches, Wednesday, 10 April 2024, starting at 2pm.

7 Norwegian companies will exhibit on the pavilion:

We place nurses at the center, so they can place patients first

Ably Medical, a Norwegian health tech innovator, revolutionizes patient care by reducing nurse workloads through advanced monitoring solutions.

Our flagship products, the Lyng Connectivity Hub and Lyng Mat, offer seamless 360° patient monitoring, enabling no-touch vital sign tracking, fall prevention, and workflow optimization. Designed for reliability, our system ensures continuous data collection across Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G, and 5G. Compatible with an assortment of wearables, our technology integrates effortlessly, providing personalized care and insights.

Transforming standard beds into smart beds, Ably Medical sets new standards in safe, efficient healthcare delivery.


SensCom has developed a solution for one of the most overlooked problems in elderly care: incontinence. DignaCare combines sensors and data to notify when a patient needs supervision. The sensor is mounted on the outside of diapers and is reusable for 12 months.
The technology alerts when the patient needs care and detects when changes are made.

1. Enhanced Quality of Life: Better sleep, reduced wounds, and fewer urinary tract infections.
2. Empowered Care Personnel: Reduced lifting, and free up time for meaningful care.
3. Cost Savings: Reduced bed changes, laundry costs, and wound treatment expenses.


Competency at the point of care

Dossier is managing millions of competency requirements for health organisations worldwide. Dossier Competency Management SaaS Platform is at the forefront of harnessing organizational capabilities, supporting over 500,000 end users. Our competency management solutions streamline compliance and optimize work processes, empowering companies to ensure patient safety. Dossier operations are currently in US, Singapore, Nordics and Germany.

German university hospitals are collaborating with Dossier to address resource scarcity and demographic shifts impacting their healthcare systems. The purpose is to replicate expertise found in Norwegian hospitals and to establish a national competence library for German hospitals.

Dossier is now seeking a second cohort of German hospitals to join the innovation network.



Simplifying access to specialist healthcare

Experience seamless eye care collaboration with Eys. Our secure platform connects optometrists and ophthalmologists, fostering collaboration through the sharing of medical data, images, and videos in order to provide high-quality telemedicine examinations. With Eys hospitals, clinics, and optometrists work together to facilitate faster and more efficient patient journeys, both for screening and diagnosing purposes. Our vision is to empower optometrists with easy access to specialized professionals and develop the eye-care experience of tomorrow.



Myworkout Medical is clinically validated all-digital medical solutions (software as a medical device) based on groundbreaking research that can treat 35 of our primary diagnoses. The first diagnosis out is hypertension, with almost double the effective reduction of high blood pressure compared to the best drug on the market. All you need is your smartphone – no additional gadgets necessary. This diagnosis-specific exercise-as-medicine approach operates globally, and is slated to receive MDR & FDA approval as a medical device in 2024 as world’s first in this field.



Retrams’ vision is to improve hospital logistics of surgical equipment to increase self-sufficiency and circularity for hospitals to meet sustainability goals.

We have developed Retrams Mobile Re-use Scanner that can identify and keep track of surgical equipment for hospitals without the need for it to be physically marked, tagged, or packed in bags/containers.

With this solution we contribute to decreasing unnecessary waste, more reuse, and less overconsumption of surgical equipment. Our next step is to develop robotic handling of surgical equipment to automize more of a standardized and time-consuming peri-surgical cycle and sterilization processes.


Sonitor Technologies, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, stands as a global leader in accurate indoor positioning for healthcare settings.

Pioneering high-definition ultrasound-based Real-Time Location System (RTLS) for over 27 years, our robust global presence is marked by our patented technology, the standard in over 300 healthcare installations.

Seamlessly managing people and assets, our solutions incorporate geo-fencing, wayfinding, and smartphone-based ultrasound RTLS and BLE technology, ensuring GDPR compliance. From nurse and duress calls to optimized workflows, Sonitor transforms healthcare positioning with room, sub-room-level, and zone accuracy.

Our commitment extends to revolutionising the RTLS industry, fostering safer environments, operational efficiency, and improved financial outcomes.

Sonitor Technologies


3 Swedish partners will also exhibit on the Nordic Stand:


CO-AX accelerator at Sahlgrenska Science Park in Gothenburg. We help tech innovators address health challenges.

We help you to unlock the full potential of your innovations and scale faster. The CO-AX program offers:

• Tailored individual programs ranging from idea stage, pre-seed, startups and scaleups
• Experienced, dedicated team of business advisors, industry experts and mentors
• Markets access, test and verification possibilities
• Roadmap to international growth and access to capital
• Guidance in regulatory & compliance
• Exposure to health care sector
• Co-working Office Arena at Sahlgrenska Science Park, with easy access to business advisors, entrepreneurs, and companies on site
• Events, an international health focused community and networking, industry conferences, access to investors and thought leaders

Sahlgrenska Science Park

Sweden’s goal is to be at the forefront of innovation and implementation of advanced healthcare. Sweden’s unique digital technology capabilities, high innovation capacity, world-leading universities, and public and private collaboration creating an environment for expansive innovation in life science.

Business Sweden is jointly owned by the Swedish state and the Swedish business sector with a mandate and a mission to help international life science companies gain access to the Swedish market and help domestic ones utilise it as a platform for expansion and collaboration to push the boundaries of connected health.

Business Sweden

Swecare is a unique non-profit platform where academia, public and private sector join forces toward enhanced export and internationalization of Swedish health care and life science.

Swecare was founded in 1978 by the Swedish government and the health care industry together as a semi-governmental non-profit organization. Today, Swecare has more than 100 Swedish companies and organizations in its network. The members represent the entire health care spectrum – from the small startup company to university hospitals, regions, and global corporations, working with everything from biotech to medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and health care services.

Swecare’s work is based on the triple helix model where academia, public sector, and private sector jointly address health care challenges. Joining forces and addressing problems from multiple angles in turn increases collaboration and international competitiveness of Swedish health care.



For any questions, please contact:

Lucie Meltzer: lucie.meltzer@norwayhealthtech.com

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