How do we react in a world overcome by COVID-19?

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This is the question at the front of many minds. It takes many different players to orchestrate the follow-upThis is because the health footprint created by the pandemic (David Perry, SEHTA) strains and will continue to stress all facilities of care and economies. 

In 2020 with funding from Oslo Municipality and in collaboration with Crosse4Health/EU Project, Norway Health Tech decided to take charge and build a digital hub to bridge the gaps between companies with innovative solutions and products that target the waves of the COVID-19 crises and the national and international markets that are in need of finding those offerings. At the heart of NHT is collaboration and Innovation, characteristics that drive our search for those tools that can build a better, healthier future 

To start, the platform is a list-not yet exhaustive- that includes many products and solutions to help in the fight against COVID-19. NHT has asked a plethora of companies for their product data in order to begin a matchmaking process. The first event being a Demonstration Day on October 29th where all companies with a solution and an interest in featuring their product in different Norwegian Hospitals can attend.  The second event on October 30this where those same companies with interest will get the chance to have their product connected to different Norwegian Municipalities and in care facilities run by the municipalities. Both programs are sure to accelerate growth and scaling.  

On an international level, NHT wants to feature solutions across different markets and build connections between the companies and procurers, users and buyersNHT will attend to developing pitches so the companies on the digital solution hub get the attention of health experts on all continents. The first International event will be November 5th towards hospitals iTel Aviv, November 19th is Texas in the scope, Pennsylvania November 11th and Canada will tune in around November 25th The other markets we currently are working on are Italy, Shanghai, the UK and the African continent.  

All of this is to show that Norway Health Tech is here for you and those who have answers to the call of others’ questions. For the growth of your company, for connecting with partners and investment opportunities, and for helping to tackle new frontiers in any company’s journey.  

Although Demodays are in the works, it is not too late for those startups and scaleups to submit their solution profile to the digital hub. The immediacy of COVID-19its impact on resources, its care interruptions, and the personal trauma it causes– all these aspects are seen in varying degrees of severity around the world and require ongoing alleviation. NHT wishes to convey this, by keeping its doors open to solutions and products for the short-term and long-term consequences of the pandemic. We wish for no stone to be left unturned and urge those companies who have yet to contact us to contribute their creative solutions and join forces with us so we can make a meaningful impact in the fight against COVID-19. 

For more information email your solution or product to Project Assistant Chalisse Fortson. 

To end, Norway Health Tech began the process of collecting all forward-thinking solutions and products in the face of uncertain and changing terrain in the health sector. By no means will we close ourselves off from continuing growth and development. We urge cooperation in the face of today’s challenges by increasing our network visibility and adding to the COVID-19 solution base.  

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