Dossier making success in USA – Germany next

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The health technology company Dossier Solutions has struck a nerve in a healthcare system that is under increasingly strong competence and capacity pressure. Norwegian hospitals, 300 American hospitals, as well as Singapore’s largest healthcare institution are on the customer list.  This week, two German hospitals are coming to Oslo to learn.

The healthcare system across large parts of the western world will be under enormous pressure in the coming years. In Norway and internationally, we will have a major shortage of skilled labour. Germany is no exception. There, a shortage of more than 400,000 nurses is expected over the next 10 years, while in the USA the number is over 600,000. The Health Personnel Commission’s report “Time for action” points to shifting tasks and smarter use of health personnel as a solution to the health personnel challenge.

100 million registrations
– We have created a solution that helps hospitals and healthcare organizations to have a better overview of what capacity lies in the healthcare system, and ensure that competence needs and educational resources are met in order to be able to run the healthcare system in the smartest possible way in the future, says CEO, Geir Arnhoff.

Dossier was established in 2000 and since its inception has been very successful in the Norwegian market. So far, Dossier has sold its solution to all Norwegian health regions and a large number of municipalities, and through this has made over 100 million competence registrations which are used to ensure correct training and safe patient treatment. Through Norway Health Tech’s market access programs, Dossier has gradually gained a foothold in Asia and the USA, where Dossier has experienced strong tailwinds. Over 300 hospitals, many of them among the largest hospitals, have so far adopted their technology in the US where they focus on a few selected clinical areas to ensure fast and efficient sales and implementation.

Participated in NHT’s Asia program in 2019
On the way to an international breakthrough, Dossier was among other things involved in Norway Health Tech’s competence and opening program towards the Asian market in 2019.

– Dossier has worked hard and purposefully to reach out into the international market, and is about to become one of the most successful exports of Norwegian health technology in the last three years. It is pleasing to see that German hospitals are also now getting on board. Germany is the world’s second largest market for health technology, says Trine Radmann, who heads the international market access programs in Norway Health Tech.

On February 6, Universitätsmedizin Göttingen and Universitätsklinikum Bonn will come to Oslo to learn more about Dossier’s solution. Here they will, among other things, meet OUS, Helse Vest and Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital.

– Dossier’s work with the German market and the visit to the two University hospitals is also of great importance to many other Norwegian companies, says Radmann, and points out that 16 Norwegian health companies have signed up, and want to meet the just under 20 participants from Germany when they come to Norway Health Tech and Health2B on the 6th of February.

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Dossier making success in USA – Germany next