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+47 90149857


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No matter who you are, where you come from or where you go – Zyberia helps the individual to own their health and improve their quality of life.

To achieve this, we have built HealthB. HealthB is a personal health platform that allows the user to collect, understand and communicate their health. Health data will be collected in a combination of self-registration and external sources. This is a horizontal platform that will interact with other relevant sources and silos of information, such as private or public health information or other health-related apps. HealthB helps users to be able to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

We aim to be the leading self-care platform in Scandinavia over the next three years and be an important player in the global market within the next 5 years.


Why this is important:

If you lack a comprehensive overview of your individual health, you can’t understand or communicate your health, and you can’t be proactive or reactive in your health. This way, you put an increased burden on healthcare, and you do not live a peaceful life yourself.

The care provider sees the consequences of not having a comprehensive overview of health data: the fear of not having relevant data, the fear of making mistakes or ignoring something important, the knowledge of adverse events that can happen to the patient if one doesn’t understand their treatment advice/if treatment plans are not followed or if lifestyle changes are not implemented. In addition, lack of data in an emergency situation can lead to a life or death situation.

The problems we see are validated by users and suppliers.

We know that the developed world is in the middle of a health crisis with an aging population, 50% of the population has a chronic disease and this number is increasing and last but not least, there are fewer qualified health workers who are under a lot of pressure to deliver a growing volume of services at a lower price.

HealthB supports and enables integrated care, personalized treatment, co-creation of care, health literacy, disease awareness, holistic health and self-care. For a long and healthy life, balancing your physical and mental health.