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Bjørn Platou


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Vollsveien 13c, 1366 Lysaker, Norway



Decon-X is a Norwegian research-based supplier and developer of automated solutions within disinfection and infection control. The test and development of the solutions were initiated in 2006, and at the end of 2014 the first version of our automated disinfection robot, DX1, was launched.

Our robot produces a dry mist consisting of Hydrogen Peroxide which is distributed in the room, disinfecting all area where air flows. The technology provides communication between the disinfection robot’s sensors and the user. The unique sensors control the process by measuring all parameters during the disinfection process. This ensures that the disinfection process is carried out with verified and controlled efficiency, while all process-related documentation is generated and submitted to the user of the robot. The method is used both as infection prevention and to limit and stop outbreaks.

So far, we have developed 3 solutions:

  • A mobile unit for disinfection of rooms and equipment, mainly used in Health Care Institutions (DX1)
  • A mobile unit with a retractable nozzle to use i.e. in ambulances (DX1F)
  • A permanently mounted system, now in use in infections-rooms in Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital (DX3)


Our mission is to secure a 99,9999% reduction of all bacteria, viruses and spores from the room and all its surfaces and equipment, equivalent to a Log 6 reduction. Today’s technology is based on tests and developed by Decon-X in cooperation with partners in a 4-year research study financed under the BIA programme of the Research Council of Norway. Removal of microbes is verified by Statens Serum Institut in Danmark, Nofima Food Research Institute at Ås, Norway, and Dr. Brill Institut in Hamburg.

We have delivered solutions and robots to Health Care Institutions in Norway, Sweden and Denmark since 2014 and today we have partners and distributors in the Nordic Countries, Spain, Germany and the BeNeLux union.

The Decon-X disinfection solutions and technology are developed in Norway and are produced in cooperation with Norwegian suppliers in Hønefoss, Tronrud Engineering and Topro Elektronikk in Gjøvik.

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