The Company of the Year and the Member of the Year has been announced!

Cluster — December 12, 2017

Attensi and Sunnaas Hospital were each given an award at the Norway Health Tech cluster meeting on December 5 – the “Company of the Year” and “Member of the Year”.

A new year is about to start, and Norway Health Tech have spent some time to review the many activities and highlights of the year in the spirit of Christmas. We all know that there are a lot of members within the health cluster’s (increasing) 217 ​​members and the pace is high. Every year, Norway Health Tech has evaluated the activities within the cluster and recognized some members who have designated a lot in the past year. Although it was challenging to choose between so many hardworking and active cluster members, it was not difficult to notice the gaming technology company Attensi and the rehabilitation hospital, Sunnaas as special cluster participants.

The award took place during Norway Health Tech’s cluster meeting on December 5th, which was a collection where strategy, plans and announcements were presented, followed by a Christmas celebration with the members. On this occasion the two companies were highlighted by being awarded the title “Company of the Year” and “Member of the Year”.

Company of the Year – Attensi

The background for the award “Company of the Year” resulted in a wish from the cluster to highlight the amazing results that has been made during the last year. The company that received the title “Company of the year” has shown the ability to respond to market needs, develop solutions for more sectors and identify opportunities where others see limitations.

This year’s company has grown from being a modest startup in 2009 to become a large and profitable company in 2017. They have been named Gazelle Company for the third consecutive year, which means that they have impressively, doubled their turnover over the last four years. It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Attensi with this year’s title “Company of the Year”.

It was a wonderful surprise to get the “Company of the Year award”! We must also be allowed to congratulate one of our good partners, Sunnaas, the “Member of the Year”! For Attensi, close cooperation and close association with Norway Health Tech has been strategically important ever since our first entry into the Norwegian health market in 2013. The health sector is now one of our largest focus areas and Norway Health Tech is one of our strongest partners in this work. With high professional quality in both events, networks and members, as well as an outstanding ability to set the agenda, we are looking forward to continued growth and development in this network!”, says CEO in Attensi, Anne Lise Waal.

Attensi – The Company of the Year

Member of the Year – Sunnaas Hospital

This year’s “Member of the Year” is a great pleasure for Norway Health Tech to present. This award represents a company of major importance to the cluster in terms of commitment, positivity and the ability to make the best out of each other. This reward also represents someone who wants to make a change and work hard to take the Norwegian health sector to a new level – and goes forward as an excellent example. It is probably not a surprise that the “Member of the Year” award goes to Sunnaas Hospital.

To let the health industry to grow, we need to have access to test environments and customers. The biggest health customer in Norway is primarily public and therefore it is important to have an institution like Sunnaas on board who open doors with a “yes attitude”.

Sunnaas stand out especially because they are always the first to welcome new technology for testing. They engage in projects that are not necessarily core business but are very important for innovation to be propagated and new technology put into operation. They also participate in the development of new products and services with the companies, ensuring that the results cover the need – always committed and eager on the way. They deliver on deadlines, open doors and are a unique driver of innovation in the public sector. Sunnaas has been a pilot customer for several innovation companies, including the Norway Health Tech members Otivio and Diffia.

It was incredibly nice, and it means a lot to us,” says Sveinung Tornås, Innovation Director at Sunnaas Hospital. “If we are to succeed in creating future health services, it is crucial to have close cooperation with the health industry. Whether it comes to more established companies or start-ups that come up with new ideas or technologies, we want to create good solutions together. It is very nice that the hospital gets such great attention. We go a long way to facilitate clinical trials and therefore this is a recognition for a lot at Sunnaas. Another important point is to follow up and acquire the solution if it has proven to solve the need by trial.

Norway Health Tech want to thank both Attensi and Sunnaas for the formidable contributions in the cluster, we are pleased and proud to have such strong drivers in our network. We wish you good luck for the future and look forward to continued good cooperation in the new year.

To left: Sales Director in Attensi, Sølve Johannessen, To right: Carl-Christian Gilhuus-Moe, chairman of the board, Norway Health Tech.
Sales Director at Attensi, Sølve Johannessen, receiving the Company of the Year award by Carl-Christian Gilhuus-Moe, chairman of the board, Norway Health Tech.
To left: Head of Innovation at Sunnaas hospotal: Sveinung Tornås, To left: Carl-Christian Gilhuus-Moe, chairman of the board, Norway Health Tech.
Innovation Director at Sunnaas Hospital, Sveinung Tornås, recieving the Member of the Year award by Carl-Christian Gilhuus-Moe.