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Petter Arlehed


+47 41350608


+47 41350608





Yallow is a Norwegian design and product development agency specialising in medical, health and sports technology. We are a purpose driven company and are passionate about developing products and services that really mean something and make a difference. Together with our clients, we improve the future.

Yallow is home to engineers, software developers, designers and QA/RA specialists. Together, we are a highly multi-disciplinary and an inquisitive consultancy company. We help our clients to realise new and engaging experiences, solutions, products and services.

We are a niche design agency that focuses solely on developing products and services within the life science domain, by combining design thinking and design control. Regulatory expertise is one of our core strengths – which makes us quite unique in our sector.

We have the expertise to develop products and services that meet all the regulatory requirements for market introduction and CE-approval of items such as medical devices.