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Petter A. Mehren, Chairman / Styreleder


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0047 90035190


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The vision of our business is the development of an automated and accessible hand cleanser. Infections need to be prevented at their source, to reduce the number of hospital acquired infection (HAI) which in the worst cases can lead to death. Our user-friendly technology will in a few seconds sanitise the hands in a cost-effective, gentle and reliable manner.

Each year 4.1 million patients are infected with hospital acquired infection (HAI) while receiving treatment at European hospitals. These infections cause patients to incur other illnesses, thus making treatment more complex. To the patient, hospital infections mean prolonged stays and more suffering. It is estimated that at 37,000 people die from hospital acquired infections (HAI) in EU annually. HAI cost the EU almost €7 billion a year with an average cost of almost €9,000 per case. International studies show that high intensity surveillance and infection control systems can reduce the prevalence of hospital infections by up to 50 %.

‘s ambitions is to achieve wide distribution through licensing via established international sales and distribution channels, thus become a world leading supplier of sanitising products and technology in global markets.