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Myworkout is a Norwegian growth company. The goal of Myworkout is to save the world from inactivity by providing 1 billion quality-adjusted life years (QALY) to the earth’s population. In 2020, the company managed to create 22,000 QALY, which corresponds to 17,600 fewer sick days and 22 billion saved social costs over the next four decades.

The company was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneurs with commercial experience and some of the world’s leading researchers from the Nobel Prize-winning faculty at NTNU. The company’s employees currently number 26 full-time employees consisting of technologists, physiologists, psychologists and marketers. Myworkout is the 41st fastest growing technology company in Norway, has 100,000 registered users and the government’s activity plan for physical activity 2020-2029 mention Myworkout as one of the solutions. We are established in Norway, Sweden and USA, and are Norway’s first technology company with status as a specialized health service.

Among other things, Myworkout has created the world’s first technology that can easily measure biological age with scientific precision – just by using a smartphone. We use maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) to calculate your biological age, which is the most vital and precise health parameter known. More important than blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, smoking and number of steps per day – all together.

With fun competitions and our health app, we also help small and large companies improve health, well-being and productivity at work. When using Myworkout, biological age usually reduces by seven years in 8-10 weeks. Which statistically gives 5% increased productivity and reduces sick leave by 3.5 days per employee per year.

For questions or inquiries regarding:

  • Technology and collaboration: Founder and CEO – Knut Løkke (knut@myworkout.no)
  • Business offer: CSMO – Christine K. Hammeren (christine@myworkout.no)
  • Research as medicine: Professor of Medicine – Jan Hoff (jan.hoff@myworkout.no)