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Terje Jørgensen


+47 75 55 50 00


Kongens gate 23, 8006 Bodø

Bodø is the county capital of Nordland, is located at 67 ° 17’N and is Northern Norway’s second largest city. Bodø has about 52,000 inhabitants. Bodø is a modern trading, service, administration, education and communication center.

In May 1816 Bodø was granted the status of market town. From counting 55 (!) Male inhabitants, the city grew slowly until the mid-1860s, when herring turned upside down on the urban community in Bodø. From the mid-1880s, it was felt that herring was gone and the settlers had to adjust to a future with hard demands on the individual and uncertain benefits of the struggle.

On May 27, 1940, Bodø was destroyed by German bombers. In 2 ½ hours, most of old Bodø was laid in gravel; more than 400 of the city’s approx. 600 buildings were totally destroyed. In a few post-war years, Bodø was rebuilt.

The Bodo community is characterized by positivity and growth. Although there are those who claim that it always blows in Bodø, we can, however, strive to admit that there is reasonably good “pull-through” in the city. And to the extent it blows a little, there is then windfall!

Bodø is the European Capital of Culture 2024.