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Holberg EEG AS is a Norwegian based eHealth company with products for standardised structural interpretation, reporting and sharing of advanced diagnostic data, and is currently focused in the field of Electroencephalography (EEG).

EEG measures electrical brain activity and is mostly used in the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with epilepsy, coma and dementia.

The company is owned by Televenture/Norsk Innovasjonskapital IV AS, the founders and a set of local investors as well as company employees.

The founders of Holberg EEG Dr. Harald Aurlien and Dr. Jan Brøgger are both consultants in clinical neurophysiology at Haukeland University Hospital.

A standard (SCORE) for describing EEG results have been developed and published by Holberg EEG and top EEG experts from 14 European countries. SCORE is currently being developed into a global standard by an extended group of representative experts. SCORE has received considerable recognition at every major relevant European EEG-related academic congress since 2012.

As of 1998, Dr. Harald Aurlien developed the first published systematic computer-based program for reporting EEG’s. (Aurlien H et al, 1999. A new way of building a database of EEG findings. Clin Neurophysiol 110:986–995). Dr. Aurlien’s PhD thesis in 2008 was based on the development and use of this system, which has been a model for the development of the SCORE system.