Global Growth – Health Sweden (introduction)

28 - 29 November
09:00 - 15:00

Oslo (TBA)

Interested in the Swedish market? 

The Swedish market is interested in new digital solutions that will make healthcare more efficient and provide “more care per invested SEK”. Areas like out-of-hospital care, with remote monitoring of patients and on smart solutions that streamline the care process and increase quality in the meeting with the patient, are of interest. A growing focus is also related to AI and data-driven care.

Norway and Sweden face similar challenges when it comes to the health sector with an increasingly aging population, significant differences in access to healthcare between urban and rural areas, and a need to to deliver more services with fewer resources. At the same time, increased digitalization is taking place throughout society and digital innovation can be the solution to the many challenges facing the public sector..

Innovation Norway is heading the program with the help from Norway Health Tech. More info here.

Gathering 1: Kick off – 28-29 November, Oslo
Introduction to the program, inspiration from companies that have succeeded in their internationalization and training in sales communication/pitching.

Gathering 2: E-health conference and meeting with investors, 25-26 January, Stockholm
Participation at the conference “Meeting place Welfare technology and e-Health 2023” where you will meet potential partners and customers. It is also planned that the embassy will host an evening event where representatives from the investors community will share their experiences from investments in health companies and give insight on how Swedish investor thinks.

Gathering 3: Succeed with your business in Sweden, TBD (March or April)
Focus on acquiring knowledge and insights about how to succeed in doing business with various stakeholders in Sweden through meetings with potential partners, purchasers, and procurement experts.

Gathering 4: Vitalis, 23-25 May, Göteborg
Participation in the Nordics’ leading conference and fair for e-health: Vitalis. In conjunction to the conference, we plan to arrange some dedicated activities based on the profile of the group.

In between the four gatherings there will be digital seminars and 1-to-1 coaching between the IN advisors and participating companies.