Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on new efforts to enhance and modernize the FDA’s approach to medical device safety and innovation

Advances in material science, digital technology and advanced manufacturing are contributing to an unparalleled period of invention in medical devices. New devices offer more opportunities to improve health than at any time. Last year, the FDA approved a record number of novel devices. This reflects an advancing pace of innovation that’s resulting in many more potentially lifesaving new medical products. This includes the first artificial pancreas and the first blood test to evaluate traumatic brain injury.


Sonitor with ground breaking technology launch

RTLS Innovator Sonitor Announces Forkbeard, the Industry’s First Ultrasound-Based Indoor Positioning Platform for Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices

ForkbeardTM delivers near 100 times the location accuracy of BLE and transforms billions of smart devices into precise indoor navigation tools Stamford, CT (March 5, 2018) – Sonitor, the global leader in ultrasound-based indoor positioning technology, announced today the introduction of its groundbreaking ultrasound-based technology positioning platform named Forkbeard™.


Health Executive LaunchPad Norway 2018

Do you have a product with international potential, and would you like to get matched with regional, national, Nordic and international customers? Many companies fail to get early market insight and end up struggling with market access in later phases. This program will give you a unique opportunity to reduce the product-market risk and secure a solid and evidence based business model.


Signing of agreement with Synapse: Making Canada a very desirable market for Norwegian health tech

Norway Health Tech visited Canada last week as part of the delegation of the minister of health and care, Mr Bent Høie. The purpose of the visit to Canada was to learn from the Canadian healthcare industry and see what it will take to build a sustainable business for this in Norway.

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Must-Reads in Health Innovation (Week 2)

A new medicine against hereditary breast cancer; breakthroughs in the malaria combat; the promising fight against deadly and super-resistant bacteria; and how dirt can save humanity. Here are this week’s Top 10 can’t-miss articles from the best writers on global health innovation.

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How Much Are We Willing To Pay For A Cure?

Genetic medicine is going from strength to strength. But treatment is costly. Luxturna is just the latest flashpoint in the debate over how to afford an innovative medicine.

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Must-Reads in Health Innovation (Week 1)

Every week, we select ten of the most relevant and well-written stories from the global health innovation industry. Here are this week’s can’t-miss articles, including some worrisome news for CRISPR gene editing, some revolutionary treatments out of China, new breakthroughs in CAR-T therapy, and more.

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