A common road map secures the path to the American health market

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From next year, the four health clusters in Norway will collaborate on a roadmap for companies looking at the American market.

With over 700,000 health companies, the United States has the largest health industry globally. Viken County Municipality supports and enables the project for the health clusters.

Text: Communications managers in the four clusters: Jofrid Åsland, Åse Solberg, Wenche Gerhardsen and Anita Moe Larsen.

The project is called «USA next! Roadmap to internationalization for health companies », starting in January 2022. The four health clusters that join forces on the project are Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Norway Health Tech, Oslo Cancer Cluster and The Life Science Cluster.

A forward leap into the largest healthcare market in the world

– The goal of the project is to help companies with international investment. Based on the overall knowledge and experience the clusters have gained over time, we will develop a better roadmap by collaborating, than each for us. The synergies will help to accelerate the companies’ internationalization and export activities further so that growth in turnover, jobs and value creation will take place faster than if this collaboration didn’t happen, says Therese Oppegaard from Norwegian Smart Care Cluster.

The United States is an important international market with great potential. Companies that succeed there have a high probability of success in other markets. When the clusters now join forces for internationalization, a logic step is to seek cooperation with Innovation Norway to optimize the work.

– The project USA next! will give entrepreneurs and scaling companies access to expertise and networks they otherwise don’t have access to, Oppegaard states.

Meet the project team: Chelsea Ranger (The Life Science Cluster), Jutta Heix (Oslo Cancer Cluster), Trine Radmann (Norway Health Tech) and Therese Oppegård (Norwegian Smart Care Cluster)

One step further

The international aspect of developing better cancer drugs and diagnostics has always been important for Oslo Cancer Cluster, who will build on previous international initiatives with this new collaboration. – We want to create new insights, new forums, and opportunities for new collaboration for our members, and for the national ecosystem we have for health innovation, says Jutta Heix, Head of International Affairs in the Oslo Cancer Cluster, and project manager from the cluster.

– By strengthening the networks for clusters and health industries between Norway and the US, we can also provide better support to start-up and biotech companies on their way to new business opportunities, says Heix.

Chelsea Ranger, business developer and investor advisor, contributing in the collaborative project from The Life Science Cluster, adds:

– We will make the road to the American market easier and faster for our members. When all the health clusters work together, the effect of the work increases, regardless of which cluster the companies are part of. The clusters represent four different industry segments, but the opportunities for working smart together to increase exports of the Norwegian health industry are great.

– There are many good Norwegian start-up companies with great potential for success in the US. Through this collaboration, they gain valuable contacts with industry-leading experts, important professional environments and not least investors. These companies are in capital-intensive development races with high risk, and many depend on international investors to succeed, Ranger concludes.

The United States is among the three most prioritized markets for internationalization and exports for the four clusters. This project facilitates the utilization of contact surfaces, expertise, membership and already established networks in various parts of the USA.

The project is a joint effort, and is led by Trine Radmann from Norway Health Tech.

– We think fantastic things will happen when the four health clusters in Norway work together towards the American market. Expectations are sky high for what we can do to facilitate the way into the world’s largest health market for Norwegian health companies. We will listen, build knowledge, and help companies. The road map to the USA, which will now be developed through this program, can be used for future generations of young companies looking towards the USA, says Radmann.

The project starts in January 2022, contact one of the four contact persons below if you are interested in more information:

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