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SensCom has developed a sensor that alerts care personnel when a resident need supervision, “Diaper Sens”. Diaper Sens is mounted on the outside of the incontinence product with a tape and is reusable for up to 12 months. Current Diaper Sens version detects moisture, temperature, micro movement and the sensor’s position in the X/Y/Z axis. All sensor data is transmitted on regular intervals.

The alarms can be easily adjusted to each residents’ specific needs and situation. Care personnel receives discrete alerts on over the phone and can provide individual tailored care on demand.

SensCom has over the past three years worked together with the care sector to documents the benefits:

Benefits for the residents:

  • Improved life quality, dignity and reduced anxiety
  • Improved sleep quality for patients
  • Less diseases and infections from inadequate diaper changes
  • Reduced physical contact /infection exposure
  • More time for personal care

Benefits for care personnel:

  • Freeing up time to do patient-centered work
  • Eliminated none-constructive work
  • Motivating to provide better and safer care
  • Inspiring to apply innovative technology with immediate effect

The cloud-based platform will remotely monitor, analyze, alert and manage the sensors. Diaper Sens will be marketed and sold on a B2B license basis, with no upfront investments.