Posicom AS

Contact person

Ragnvald Otterlei


+47 32 72 83 70

Posicom AS was established in 2000 and has delivered innovative multimedia solutions since year 2002. The company has offices in Kristiansund, Drammen and Oslo. During the company’s first years, Posicom developed a user-friendly documentation and analysis tool for the sports market. MasterCoach Int. GmbH distributes that product, PosiCap, worldwide. The German national teams in soccer and FIFA are among its customers.

In collaboration with the Vestre Viken HF, Posicom has developed a tailor-made multimedia solution for the healthcare sector, Seekuence Medical

Seekuence Medical enables effective patient treatment and increased patient safety by providing structured, objective and searchable multimedia documentation.

Seekuence Medical is an easy to-use multimedia system, tailor made to meet the high standards of health care providers. The system enables users to capture, organize (bookmark), analyze and share multimedia generated by video cameras and other medical equipment.

A user-friendly web-application makes the information available for authorized personnel to be used in patient treatment. The system can also be used for other purposes as quality control, medical staff education and research with few custom maid configurations.


Product design/features

  • Network based system:
  • Thick client for capture of multimedia
  • Web clients for planning, analyzing and reporting
  • Central servers

System features:

  • Based on Open standards
  • Central storage of multimedia and metadata
  • Scalable
  • Horizontal integration
  • API for Integrations and Communications with other HIS
  • Role based access control
  • User-friendly, developed in close cooperation with healthcare providers