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Kent Jordet


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+47 909 87 573


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At Ledidi, we believe science is the key to solve many of the health challenges the world faces today, and that deeper insights require collaborations between researchers across institutions and national borders. We are here to inspire, support and enable scientists and researchers to work and collaborate more efficiently in their quest of providing valuable insights that will improve health, more efficient health services and reduce suffering.

We provide digital solutions that enable researchers to collaborate and turn data into insight, seamlessly and efficiently. We make scientific research tools more accessible in a user-friendly, do-it-your-self digital interface that improves and streamlines research workflows and enables researchers to collaborate seamlessly through the whole workflow.

Our software, Ledidi Core, combines study design, data capture solutions, data base/registry, real-time statistical analysis, and data visualisation within the same software. Ledidi Core is based on the most secure global cloud infrastructure and designed to meet the highest requirements for data security and privacy.

We are operating in the intersection of modern cloud computing and rooted scientific tradition. Our combined expert resources in the fields of health, science and technology are both our basis for creating tools with real impact, as well as a demonstration of our strong belief in the power of collaboration. We are driven by our joined commitment to support researchers and scientists in their work, providing deeper insights to complicated challenges. Our solutions are based on self-experienced hurdles in the everyday life of health researchers: We create tools we’ve missed in our own research.

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