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Februar 2018

InVivo Bionics’ vision is to enhance the quality of life for millions of people worldwide by providing advanced miniaturized in vivo sensor systems. The sensor systems have the potential to improve diagnostics and thereby provide more personalized treatment. Not at least can the sensor systems replace lost sensorial function in affected body organ(s).

In the human body, having the right pressure is vital to life. Elevated or low pressure can result in organ failure and in worst-case scenarios cause death. Examples are heart failure, cardiac infarction, stroke, glaucoma, and urinary bladder dysfunction. Key to preventing these failures is the ability to monitor pressure critical to healthy bodily functions. Existing measurement technologies have several limitations; the pressure measured is only a snapshot of the pressure the body is experiencing; the device can influence the actual measurement; and the measurement is often done remotely as with the measurements of bladder and blood pressure.

InVivo Bionics has, in partnership with SINTEF, developed an advanced nanotechnology in vivo sensor system for measurement of pressure directly in organs and other parts of the body. Utilizing our patented technology, InVivo Bionics has developed an extremely small sensor probe that is easily inserted and able to monitor pressure in the body on a continuous basis. This sensor, with little discomfort to patients, allows the healthcare professional to gather crucial detailed organ measurements quickly and easily. In addition, the patient’s pressure data can be saved and analyzed, providing valuable feedback for advancing patient care and quality of life while reducing costs. When combined with biofeedback, patients with reduced sensory ability can now be trained to restore the lost sensation, often improving dramatically their quality of life.

InVivo Bionics’ first area of focus is the loss of bladder control affecting as many as 900 million of men and women worldwide. The number is expected to increase with the rising incidents of diabetes, bladder cancer, and elder boom. Our innovative, wearable solution has already been tested in patients with dysfunctional urinary bladder with great success.