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Vibeke Vier Simensen, Head of Healthcare


(+47 915) 06030


+47 93632222


Bryggetorget 4 | Postboks 1170 Sentrum, 0107 OSLO





For 150 years, Danske Bank has strived to be a driver of growth and development in society. We have developed in tandem with the societies we are part of, and our advisory services, expertise and financial solutions have helped individuals, families, businesses and organisations to realise their ambitions and potential.

With long-term sustainable development as our ambition, we will continue to work every day to be the best possible bank, for the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders and the societies we are part of.

Danske Bank has a dedicated healthcare sector group, led by Vibeke Vier Simensen. Our focus is on the Norwegian healthcare sector, but Danske Bank also covers Healthcare in the Nordics and other Healthcare sub segments. Danske Banks healthcare group in Norway makes extensive sector mapping, and deepdives into several sub segments such as Healthcare ICT, Healthcare Tech, Care, and various Medical clinics. We believe these segments will continue to grow. Danske Bank is looking at a range of topics and acts as advisors for the sector on many different levels.