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Product Manager Ann Kristin Rotegård




Akersgata 47/49, 0055 Oslo, Norway



VAR is a technological tool which consists of nearly 400 procedures with connecting knowledge base and knowledge tests.

Continuous updating is conducted to ensure a foundation in the most up to date knowledge in research and professional development. The procedures are illustrated to support the learning and performance. Professional specialists develops the content together with the editors.  The content is further quality assured by medical and nursing consultants/experts. Universally accepted methods are used (e.g. AGREE).

VAR is distributed on WEB and through Norsk Helsenett SF for integration with electronic patient record systems (EPR) and is available on mobile devices. Today VAR is used in all of Norway’s university colleges for nursing education, in 350 municipalities and a large range of hospitals.  From 2012, PPN (previous name) is also used in Denmark, in so far 57 municipalities and the 2 largest University Colleges. Additional new markets are beeing explored.