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Helping the helpers.

When the alarm goes off, every second counts. The information shared between different departments must be precise and fast. It can save lives. With broad experience from the emergency services, we know the requirements and the challenges the emergency services face. We work every day to help those who help. To ensure good information flow and vital digital communication.

Bliksund ensures digital transformation for emergency and health workers – nationally and internationally. The solutions provide control, flow and overview – both in everyday work and acute situations. All on the same platform, cloud-based and with access even in areas without coverage.

EWA is our electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) solution for prehospital use developed in cooperation with health workers, which has been selected for Norway. The solution ensures a seamless flow of communication between the dispatch center, ambulance, and emergency department. All data is registered together with measurements from the medical equipment and transmitted in real time to the reception location. This gives the reception updated information about the patient. This allows them to prepare while the ambulance personnel can spend their time helping.

GRID is our cloud-based software solution for emergency and health workers that contributes to a comprehensive overview of resources, equipment and processes. GRID simplifies communication in everyday life and facilitates reporting.