Akershus Universitetssykehus HF

Contact person

Hilde Lurås


+47 02900


Sykehusveien 25, 1478, Lørenskog.

Akershus University Hospital (Ahus) is a local and area based hospital for approximately 600,000 inhabitants. The main tasks are patient care, research, teaching patient training. Our patients receive offers within  somatics, mental health care and drug treatment.

We are responsible for the inhabitants of Follo, Romerike and Kongsvinger. In addition, Rømskog municipality in Østfold and the three northernmost districts in Oslo; Alna, Grorud and Stovner, part of our hospital area.

Our business takes place at Nordbyhagen in Lørenskog, Ski, Kongsvinger and at various treatment centers for mental health care and substance abuse treatment.

Akershus University Hospital is a teaching institution where you can meet students. You can reserve yourself for students being present or participating in the treatment.