Instruments for internationalization, opportunities and resources

20 August
08:15 - 10:30


There are a lot things to be aware of when you go global. This webinar will help you with useful tips on what to focus on, what to do when, risk management and opportunities as an export company from Norway.

In this webinar you will gain insight into valuable advice and other available resources available to you and your company in your global commitment. There is a great deal of knowledge and networks that are important to take advantage of beyond the direct financial instruments.

By acquiring knowledge of instruments, framework conditions and contact points you will:

  • better understand what you should focus on, and in what order
  • reduce risk when scaling into a new market
  • shorten time to market introduction
  • understand incentives that give you as a Norwegian export company competitive advantages
  • get input on your strategy from key resources that have knowledge of the export markets


08.15   Welcome by Norway Health Tech, Kathrine Myhre, CEO, Norway Health Tech

08.25   Free trade agreements, existing and future possibilities for the health industry, Representative from the Norwegian government, TBC

08.35   Norwegian export possibilities and strategies, Scandinavian comparison study, Sveinung Fjose, Menon Economics

09.00   How are we supporting Norwegian health industry to international scaling  by Håkon Haugli, CEO, Innovation Norway

09.15    What role can we play in your international scaling, what do we do, what do we want to do more of and what do we not do, by Hilde Janne Skorpen, Consulate General in Houston Texas

09.30   Export Credit Norway, policy review and the way forward. Otto Søberg, Export Credit Norway

09.40   Ready, willing and able to scale internationally, and experience. By Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO, EpiGuard

09.55   Panel discussion. What is the recipe for success coming from the Nordic countries?  Ivar Slengesøl  – moderator of speaker panel 

10.25   Summary – Trine Radmann, Head of International Relations, Norway Health Tech

10.30   END