Digital breakfast: how to be a teamleader in difficult situations

16 April
08:00 - 10:00

Meeting room VIA

Your team is the key to success. Meet experts on team development, recruitment and performance.

The situation that we all have been in has been strange and different. There are several questions that arise on how to keep the staff motivated.  What can I do to keep the team together when everyone sits in their own home office? How do we agree on tasks, goals and deliveries when we do not see each other every day? Can I expect “business as usual”?

We will also address the labor law aspects related to changes in working life, layoffs and staff reductions.

Join us for an informal webinar where we discuss these issues. You can ask questions on www.sli.do with the event code #R793

Anne Havsgård from Dinamismo will be focusing on team development and organizational growth. Her focus is on the journey that starts after you have recruited your team members – how do you build a successful team? Her approach is practical and to the point – and she will share reflections, insights and tips that you can take back and apply in your own teams.

Per R. Bronken is a partner with SANDS and specializes in employment law, pensions and data protection.

The webinar can be watched HERE (in Norwegian)



Anne Havsgård

Daglig leder - DiNAMiSMO


Per Bronken

Partner - SANDS


Documents and presentations

Hvordan lede teamet når alles hverdag er snudd på hodet?

HR ekspert Anne Havsgård fra Dinamisimo

Arbeidsrett og hvordan man skal forstå regler og lover i dagens unntakstilstand

Advokat og partner Per Ragnar Bronken fra SANDS