BigMed Conference 2020

19 October
10:00 - 18:00

Marmorsalen, Sentralen

Join the BigMed conference to learn about the current barriers to implementing precision medicine in clinical practice, and how we can overcome these. Meet the country’s most renouned experts in the field and learn about their research. The conference is postponed from May to October, we hope to host it as planned then. If not, there will be a more digitalized version – hold the date.

The BigMed vision: Lay the foundation for an ICT platform for the implementation of precision medicine and pave the way for novel big data analytics. The solutions will provide the patients with an optimized care that takes their unique individual and biological characteristics into consideration.

BigMed addresses bottlenecks within the legal and ethical frameworks, ICT architecture, the organizational challenges, as well as the technical aspects such as data capture, analysis and application. The project challenges the established truths of today and contributes to the development of various methods, software and tools within three clinical areas; rare diseases, sudden cardiac death and colorectal cancer with lever metastasis. The new developments are meant to create value for patients and clinicians alike.

BigMed is a lighthouse project funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The project is unique as it is first of its kind in Norway within the field of precision medicine. The project is a cooperation between a large number of partners from public healthcare, academia and the industry.

This is the background for the conference where we will present the cutting edge research the project has performed.

Please note: The conference will be in Norwegian, so please see the Norwegian site for full program