BigMed Conference 2020

26 May
08:00 - 17:00

Marmorsalen, Sentralen

Join the BigMed conference to learn how we can overcome the barriers for implementing precision medicine and what that will require. Meet the country’s most renouned experts in the field and learn about their research.

The BigMed vision: Lay the foundation for an ICT platform that addresses the analytic bottlenecks for the implementation of precision medicine and paves the way for novel big data analytics. The solutions will provide the patients with an optimized care which takes their unique individual characteristics into proper consideration.

The project’s objective is to identify and address the bottlenecks in precision medicine. For us, this means developing and demonstrating implementation tools that create value for patients and clinicians alike. These can take the form of clinical decision support (CDS) implemented in electronic health records and other currently used applications, but can also be tools to automate data collection, such as large-scale phenotype extraction from medical records based on natural language processing. Each of the clinical focus areas in BigMed has different needs that will be addressed by the development of different tools. As we work with this development, we will describe the barriers and develop possible solutions in collaboration with a wide network of internal and external partners.

This is the background for the conference where we will present the cutting edge research the project has performed in its running time.

The program will be updated continously, so stay tuned! But register now and mark the date in your calendar.

BigMed is a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council with the vision of addressing bottlenecks to the clinical implementation of precision medicine, through the clinical areas of rare disease, sudden cardiac death and colorectal cancer with liver metastasis.