September 3, 2018

The Norwegian health industry is trading more than before in global and foreign markets national, regional and local value chains. The companies are therefore relying more than ever on free trade and favorable global framework conditions. Global development offers the opportunity for Norwegian companies to respond to the increase in global demand for sustainable solutions. The Norwegian healthcare industry can provide (some of) these solutions.

China has a rapid economic development at the moment and experiences the world’s largest urbanization. The result is increased prosperity but also greater demands on the health system, health opportunities and health solutions. The UN writes that there will be more than 350 million Chinese people over 65 years in China in 2030. This causes an explosive increase in the number of people with dementia and other age-related illnesses. At the same time, Chinese people’s urban life involves more lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and stress-related anxiety and depression, than before. China wants to improve public health and facilitate universal access to health services. This creates great opportunities for the Norwegian health industry, which is constantly evolving and is constantly looking for new markets and areas to grow in.

The Norwegian health authorities signed a MoU with Chinese health authorities April 12th 2018. The MoU opens up for even further and stronger collaboration between Norway and China when it comes to health.

nHack – an accelerator boosting Norwegian healthtech, medtech and pharmaceutical companies

Norway Health Tech is focusing on opening the Chinese market for Norwegian health industry. We have therefore signed a Letter of Intent with the accelerator nHack, which is based in China, and is in the process of opening additional accelerators in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Global Growth program

The cluster is working on establishing a Global Growth China Program for interested companies during the fall 2018.

Nordic – Chinese collaboration

NordicFlexHouse, Norway Health Tech and other partners are collaborating in opening the Chinese market and applying for economic support through Nordic Innovation.

Nordic InterReg-project focusing on China. The project manager within this InterReg project is working at Norway Health Tech, Odd Arild Lehne.