Sarah Gerwig, MPH

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Sarah Gerwig, MPH  is a global health expert and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in academic health science and global innovation in the world’s largest medical center (Texas Medical Center), and holds a patent for deployable mobile clinics and laboratories (SmartPods) initially utilized for Ebola response in W. Africa.  She is CEO of UpGlobal and in this role she serves as an advisor for life science startups in the United States and international startups looking to penetrate the U.S. market.  She is a founding member of Texas Global Health Security Innovation Consortium (TEXGHS) and Senior Advisor for PandemicTech. 

Most recently, Sarah served as Adjunct Instructor and Associate Director of Global Medical Innovation in the bioengineering department at Rice University and prior to that, she was Director of Business Development for Baylor College of Medicine’s  Global Health Innovation Center.  She drove innovative concepts from grant writing and design phase to prototype development, scale up and commercialization pathways, while building Private Public Partnerships and creating new curriculums to teach students and industry partners. 

Sarah has generated over $6 million in funding and 10 new partnerships in Houston, South and Central America, Europe & Africa. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Sarah attended the University of Texas in Austin and received a Bachelors of Journalism prior to moving to Houston to get her Masters in Public Health at the University of Texas School of Public Health.