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Zebra Technologies Europe Limited

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Ivo Ølstørn


+47 974 06 740

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Regulatory Status: as a global provider we follow all compliance in every region

Clinical Mobility Devices – our healthcare portfolio is made for purpose, with the newest tech and top security. Zebra’s devices, which may already be deployed in your healthcare facility, have capabilities that can be leveraged to help you meet today’s demand.

The TC5X-HC Series

The unmatched flexibility of the TC5X-HC series helps streamline your workflows, no matter where you are on your hospital campus. This touch computer is purpose-built for Healthcare with the industry’s most resilient medical-grade plastics. The TC5X-HC series can withstand repeated exposure to multiple disinfectant wipe downs, to help reduce the spread of infection.

Cleaning and disinfection

The ET5X Series

Zebra’s ET5X series provides the functionality your clinical team needs to get the job done quickly — on your healthcare campus, or beyond — from admissions, to inventory management, to video chatting between patient and provider.

Zebra MotionWorks® Proximity – With Proximity Solution you can manage contact tracing and help employees reduce risk of exposure. ur solution alerts and reminds employees to maintain social distancing proactively, while also creating a record of proximity events for reporting purposes. ur dashboard helps you identify patterns where social distancing is not being maintained and ensure a safe working environment for all. Your constant companion, it is made to perform in your environments and workflows.

Drive through Testing Center – Accelerate the speed and safety of drive-through specimen collection. Barcode technology- including scanners, label printers, handheld mobile computers and software- help automate crucial processes like data capture, validation and reporting so drive-through testing centers can keep the line moving without jeopardizing patient care.

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