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Ellen Cathrine Andersen



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EpiGuard has evolved into a highly skilled knowledge-based company. We develop and manufacture high-end medical equipment for safe transport of contagious patients.

The products are distributed globally through strategic partners. Currently, the main product is the medical isolation and transportation system, EpiShuttle.

The EpiShuttle is a single-patient isolation and transport system, designed to provide maximum patient safety and comfort while allowing critical care and treatment to be performed. The EpiShuttle can protect the environment from an infected patient or protect a vulnerable patient from a contaminated environment.

The system is developed by clinical experts at Oslo University Hospital, with first-hand experience in providing advanced treatment and transportation of patients with highly infectious diseases, such as Covid-19. This knowledge and expertise has been transferred through to the industrial design team and together they have developed a unique product that aims to revolutionize the procedures in transport of contagious patients.