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Martin Alexander Kasseth


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Bliksund is leading provider of software solutions for the emergency and healthcare services in the Nordics. For more than a decade, Bliksund has been a pioneer in digitalizing the emergency medical services in Norway. Our solutions, EWA, and GRID, provide control, digital flow, and insight in both everyday work and emergency situations. By replacing paper and silo-based IT systems with one coherent digital platform, Bliksund supports the digital transformation of emergency and healthcare professionals’ workday. At Bliksund we innovate for and with professionals in the field. With instant access, easier collaboration and more efficient personnel, the patient is the #1 priority.

 Our mission is to help those who help.


EWA – electronic patient record solution for prehospital services
EWA is an electronic patient record for the emergency services that enables real-time data sharing between professionals in the entire emergency care chain. EWA increases patient safety as emergency departments in real-time can view the status and electronic records of incoming patients, and thus prioritize and prepare the relevant treatment teams.

GRID – operational management system for emergency services
Replaces paper and silo-based systems and ensures that an emergency service station has a fully coherent digital platform covering all quality, competency, communication, and asset aspects. GRID digitalizes emergency workers’ everyday work processes and ensures digital collaboration within the organization.